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Entry #2


2009-04-19 22:34:06 by Mahamarr

I wish I had something to say here.



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2009-04-19 23:32:01

I need reviews and tips on how to improve my music
This is the link to my newest song/loop.....
Live! Studio [Loop] - n/231073

This one is new too...
Militia (Loop and a collab WIP) - n/227233

The links below are for my Ordinary Life single, if nothing else listen to the "Final" one cause that is so far the best song I have made
Final - n/227014
Remake 1 - n/226445
Original - n/226765

please listen and give honest tips on how I can do better and what I can do to make better music
or if you wanna use any songs for a flash please do


2010-04-03 02:44:05

It's quite amazing for one as you to be able to animate like that at only the age of 17.
Although I mustn't speak much on site...I wasn't here.